3D Modeling

Your sketch, drawing, idea - everything can be turned into a 3D model. We will develop a 3D model for product design, visualizations and mockups.

3D Printing

A unique project or a serial solution? 3D printing will offer a solution for all needs. Durable, bright, detailed? We can print everything. We offer printing options for both individual solutions for daily quality improvement and serial production of parts for your product.


Good ideas need to be implemented, but product development is sometimes a difficult process. But more is possible together - we offer product prototyping and development services.

Reduce the time and cost to get the product to your customer

Together with you, we will create an effective flow so that your product reaches the customer faster and cheaper. Whether it is one part that will help the production process or 1000 parts – together we will find the best solution. If you can think of it, you can make it. Just that simple.

  • Uploading a file

    Send the file using the website or by contacting us via e-mail. Together, we will find the best and most advantageous option for project implementation, using our experience, wide material base and printing capabilities.


  • Get an offer

    Receives an offer both for an individual project and for serial production.

  • Fast delivery

    We will do our best to get the part to you as soon as possible worldwide.

  • Sērijveida ražošana

    Esi nolēmis uzsākt sērijveida ražošanu? Varam to uzsākt uzreiz!

  • Ready for the future

    Plan ahead – we will develop an individual ERP system for you, so that there is always a reserve in the warehouse and your product is always available! By agreement with you, we will maintain reserves for print projects so that you can receive part of the next order at any time.